“I approached Emőke with a less than precise vision for a project in a genre that I had never attempted before. She was very supportive from the start and helped me to strengthen and clarify it. She is very intuitive and generous, going the extra mile to make sure my project was ready on time. I am very happy with the result! Emőke successfully captured my vision.”

Valencia James

“Emőke independently planned and instructed the execution of the video documentation for the entire Sound Art Matters conference. The final result was very professional. Asides from her abilities to organize, plan and video edit Emőke is a very positive smiling person who is very pleasant to work with.”

Anette Vandsø

Emőke Bada was asked to manage the creative projects of Corvin Art School both online and offline. She created a positive image for the school, established our presence in the field of social media, expanded our network of contacts. Our website is current, with a solid structure that also conforms to the requirements of contemporary design. Emőke was also efficient in the organisation of education, she is an excellent problem-solver, has an extremely positive personality, is flexible and intelligent. We await her return!

Marica Sipos

“Emőke is an expert navigating the borders the digital world and creative value systems, and a true 21st century thinker. In addition to being a good team member, she is excels in project planning and management which is greatly served by her researching, analysing and synthesising skills. Her inherent desire to discover and experiment will bring her many exciting projects in the future.”

Tibor Remete

“I am absolutely satisfied with my new website and I tip my hat to Emőke’s creativity, knowledge and considerate guidance. As a person, she is fun and reliable, open to new ideas, yet respectful of traditions.”

Zsuzsanna Bari