Survival Kit for Virtual Reality

In the four part collaborative project Survival Kit for Virtual Reality we explored questions, issues and possibilities surrounding technology from an artistic point of view, though a hands on approach, experimenting in workshops with various technologies (Oculus Rift DK 2, Google Cardboard, 3D video production with GoPro cameras, cybernetics, biosensors, robotics).

At the final event, which took place in Budapest, visitors had the opportunity to see our prototypes, experiments and documentation. They learnt about our goals, ideas, plans and processes. Last but not least they could ask us questions, tell us their opinion and add to the debate surrounding these emerging technologies.

We invited artists, art students, IT specialists and game developers to participate, create and collaborate in the following three workshops: Survival Kit for Virtual Reality (Mykolajiv, Ukraine), Cyber Pills for Your Mental Health (Lviv, Ukraine) and Kolektiv / Live coding with biometrics (Zilina, Slovakia).

This was a collaboration between non-profit organizations ART Optimists (Mykolajiv, Ukraine), Center for Urban Culture (Lviv, Ukraina), Truc spherique (Zilina, Slovákia) and Igor Metropol Association (Budapest, Hungary). Emőke Bada was the cultural manager for Igor Metropol.